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The deals you find on Whiztix for event tickets are unique. If you search for your desired event through us, we will return you results from all of the best ticketing websites online. You will not just get results from one place like stubhub, you will get results from EVERYWHERE. The tickets for sale you see on our site for all events is compiled from the entire inventories of Stubhub, Ebay, Tickets Now, Vivid Seats, Ticket Network, and many more. We don’t just stop at this point though and leave you with 9000 different results from 50 different websites; we sort out all of these inventories for you either by price or by deal score. We do all of this instantly for you and free of charge. If you search through us for your tickets, we will cut down on the amount of time you waste going through every single seat and wondering if you are getting a good deal. On Whiztix, you'll know your getting a good deal, even for sold out tickets. If the event is at larger stadiums, you’ll even get a 3d view from the seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Are your seats real?”

Absolutely, all the tickets that you find through our site are being resold on reputable websites. Reputable websites sites like Stubhub all have policies protecting the buyer from fraud. Generally the sales process on the websites you’ll find on the site works like this:

  1. You purchase tickets on xxxx website.
  2. The seller gets an email asking to confirm that they have the seats and can deliver
  3. If the seller clicks no, the company will call you saying those tickets were unavailable. You’ll be refunded, and you’ll have to search again.
  4. If the seller clicks yes, you are now protected under there buyer protection policies. If the seller provides the wrong seats, and cannot provide the right ones, the company will replace the seats for you. Usually they do this by forcing the seller(by charging his credit card) to cover the difference between what you bought and the new seats.

“Why do you provide a service like this free of charge?”

Well in short, we love sports, music, and theatre and were sick of wasting our time trying to figure out what the best deals were on sites.

“How good are your deals?”

In short, our deals are the best. In many situations because your effectively searching most of the internets best ticketing website with our site (think of searching in google) you can find tickets for less than face value. Obviously, this won’t be the case for some popular sold out tickets like the Book of Mormon, a popular artist like Jay-Z, the Superbowl, or even a regular season game to a popular team. Prices do change every day, and depending on when the event you want to see is depends on the price you’ll find. In general, because you]re searching everywhere, you can find the absolute cheapest tickets online at the time of your search through our site.

“Why is there a difference in price between what your site says, and the page I just clicked on to buy?”

The price you see in our search results for tickets factors in the expected fees you’ll incur over and above the stated ticket price on a site. For example, if you saw a ticket listed for $150 on stubhub, there will be a 10% transaction fee ($15 in this example) plus shipping. You’ll see the same tickets listed on our site as $165.

"Can you really get me tickets to see my favorite (insert sold out show or sold out sporting event here) even if the tickets are sold out?"

Yes. We've been asked this about 100 times for Justin Bieber tickets, and One Direction tickets lately. Those two are sticking out the most right now, but there are others we've been asked about like Superbowl Tickets. You WILL find ticket deals for all sold out shows and sporting events on Whiztix. Just try it. If you have a problem finding seats for a show, I'll be happy to consult you on how to get some.